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Section 113. IntroductionSection 113.1 ERISA ProvisionsSection 113.2 Plan RequirementsSection 113.3 Income TaxationSection 113.4 Roth IRAsSection 113.5 Education IRAsSection 113.6 Estate and Gift TaxesSection 113.7 IRS ReportingSection 113.8 Simplified Employee PensionsSection 113.9 Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE IRA Plans)Section 113.10 Individual Retirement Plans Established to Receive RolloversSection 113.11 RolloversSection 113.12 401(k) PlansSection 113.13 Self-Employed RetirementSection 113.14 Government Non-Tax RequirementsSection 113.15 Qualification RequirementsSection 113.16 Federal Taxation

Advisor's Journal Latest Updates

  1. Court Steps in to Block Restrictive State Medicaid Annuity Practices
  2. A federal court recently stepped in to issue an injunction against the program that implements Ohio’s Medicaid policies.
  3. Correcting the Great 529 Plan Mistake—Penalty-Free
  4. While helping a client escape from an unsatisfactory 529 plan can prove tricky, it is by no means impossible.
  5. Sequencing for Success: How to Maximize Post-Retirement Income
  6. Proper sequencing of withdrawals from taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts (IRAs and 401(k)s) and Roth accounts can make or break a client’s retirement income plan.
  7. Are Deferred Annuities Becoming the Default 401(k) Investment?
  8. : The IRS has cleared the path for 401(k) sponsors who wish to expand clients’ use of longevity insurance within 401(k)s.
  9. Dodging the Medicare Income-Based Surcharge
  10. The complex rules governing Medicare income-based premium surcharges can increase higher income clients’ health insurance costs by more than 200 percent during retirement.
  11. In Building the Modern-Day Stretch IRA, Proceed with Caution
  12. While most advisors and clients were aware that the benefits of an IRA could be “stretched” over future generations, the Supreme Court’s recent finding that non-spousal inherited IRAs do not qualify as protected retirement assets.
  13. Designing a Variable Annuity Safety Net—Without the Price Tag
  14. Often, clients who do carefully analyze the potential return on guaranteed income riders are finding that in today’s market, the costs simply exceed the benefits.
  15. File and Suspend Creates a Social Security Insurance Policy
  16. The Social Security system provides a loophole allowing clients who have delayed retirement to access benefits even after the initial decision to defer has been made.
  17. Maximizing Retirement Plan Dollars: IRS Blesses Split 401(k) Rollovers
  18. The IRS has recently cleared the pathway for high-income clients looking to maximize the value of their employer-sponsored retirement plan assets.
  19. Dodge the New Medicare Surcharge Bullet
  20. Medicare surcharges have always been a concern for high-income clients—exceeding the thresholds can increase Medicare expenses greatly. Unfortunately, the recently enacted “Doc Fix” law will modify the income threshold that will subject more clients to the highest premium rates. Fortunately, there are planning techniques that can minimize the impact of the new rules.